Law 25 : personal information,
compliance and you

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No training planned at the moment. Start with our tailored action plan, designed for small organisations, to protect personal data and comply with Law 25.

Receive the first step of your action plan for free: instructions, training, videos, templates, and tools in your inbox. Take an hour to understand, decide, and act. Your plan includes ten one-hour steps, for $149. You decide your own pace according to your availability.

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You can also ask your professional association or local SME support organization to contact us. We can organize a specific session for your group.

Our Experts

Eponine Pauchard

Business Process
and Cybersecurity Expert

Dimitri Souleliac

Cybersecurity and Data
Protection Expert.

We care about the protection of personal information and cybersecurity. We know small organizations lack resources. There weren’t any simple and suitable resources for you, which is why we created them and offer many for free. Beyond the requirements of the law, our goal is to protect your company’s data.

What we sell

We offer two products to reduce cyber risks for small organizations. These are customized action plans to protect your business and train your team.